"Our greatest human adventure is the evolution of consciousness. We are in this life to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain." Tom Robbins

"Shantam is so awesome. I love her Craniosacral work and am so amazed with her channeling abilities.

​She is clear and brave to say the things that are right on and need to be said."

Menlha, Founder of: Kootenay School Of Rebalancing; Hacienda Del Sol

Working Together

Shantam's and Stephen's skills and personalities complement each other, as partners in life and in healing. "We don't have to make an effort when we work together. He is supported and I am supported. The most important thing I bring, along with all my skills," says Shantam, "is listening on a very different, very deep level, listening to who my client truly is." Stephen, as one of his clients affirmed, "is probably the most truthful person I have ever met."

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The Palm of Healing Approach

What does the healer do?

The healer provides the safe place where healing can take place. Sometimes this is a calming environment as well as a variety of techniques that encourage relaxation, release, honesty and the courage to be seen as you truly are. Many kinds of stresses can block our sense of being at home in the world. With compassion, experience and psychic sensitivity, Shantam and Stephen can journey with you to find the source and nature of your challenges.

What can the client do to move towards healing?

You can be willing to journey deep into the unconscious and be open to experiencing the knowledge that you are whole.

Stephen's unique perspective on viruses

Like humans, viruses are seeking evolution. In order to grow and learn they might use humans as their hosts, sometimes by mutual agreement, sometimes not. Occasionally, a person takes in a virus to have a war, just as a kid might, for fun, without considering the consequences. Viruses vary from "wonderful little entities to downright mean and pig-headed ones" but they are a part of life that "together we can explore." Stephen acts as a bridge: by engaging in dialogue he can sometimes persuade the virus not to damage its host or, if necessary, be more forceful in order to get it to leave. "No matter what the outcome, growth and learning for all is assured."



Our Approach to Healing