"Life has been given to you to create, and to rejoice, and to celebrate. When you are miserable you are alone.

​When you celebrate, the whole existence participates with you." Osho

Palm of Healing Services

Customized Healings for You

Cranio Sacral Balancing®/Aqua Cranio

​Cranio Sacral Balancing® is a subtle yet deeply effective and holistic method, assisting self-healing of the body and mind. It works directly with the craniosacral system which is pulsating at the core of our body and re-establishes freedom of movement.

Restoring Life Balance

An inclusive, in-depth healing program, including and Inner Journey Dialogue with Stephen and Shantam, a “Garden of Healing" Meditation session, and a “Dance of the Weather Spirits" session with Stephen.

Channeling the Elder​

Shantam's ability to channel the elder may astound you. View some videos here.

Garden of Healing

Whether it's a journey into your own backyard, a park, a communal garden, the seashore or a day in the country, Shantam can guide you through a deep and delightful alignment with yourself and the nature around you.​

Dance with the Weather Spirits​​​

Become aware of how alive and sensitive the weather beings are. They have so much to give and want to be seen and heard.  These entities are fun and playful. It's time to see them, hear them, merge with them.​

The Inner Tour Guide

The Inner Tour Guide will illuminate and then help shift what troubles you through various experiential processes. You will leave the healing session with follow-up tools and techniques for continuing this process of finding equilibrium in your life.

We recommend that you consider approaching your healing with a 30 minute initial consultation (available by phone, Skype or in person) with Stephen and Shantam

• Shantam will provide a Reading, Channeling by the Elder, and/or a hands-on assessment. This will give you deeper clarity into your healing journey

• Stephen will assess and navigate your specific condition using his unique insight and approach, and will provide you with clear next-steps to take

Session: $75​​

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