Western medicine is very good at addressing the symptoms of illness, but does not always provide insight into all the conditions that create susceptibility. In truth we are always connected, yet physical and mental distress may obscure this knowledge. Something interrupts the flow of energy at the cellular level that constitutes life, and this may manifest as an acute or chronic health problem or, even a relationship crisis.

"A healing crisis is not something to be feared, but a situation, that with the right support and guidance, can evolve into something great and expansive."

Shantam began her meditation practice in 1978 as a teenager in Germany. For many years she lived and studied in a spiritual community in India, where she led many meditation sessions. In 1986, unexpectedly because at the time she was skeptical of these things, she developed the ability to channel knowledge to others through The Elder, a disembodied entity who offers insights to those seeking answers to psychological and physical problems, as well as wisdom about the nature of existence. Around the same time an experience of subtle body awareness inspired her to leave all unhealthy substances behind and search for expanded reality.

Shantam trained in Azidose Massage and Intuitive Massage in 1987, in Cranio Sacral Balancing ®(certified since 1995) and Aqua-Cranio treatments (1997). Stephen has helped her to be more open to her gifts of clairvoyance and, after some initial fear and resistance, to enjoy the delicious process of surrender in channeling, to be fully in those experiences.

Recently, she has integrated her knowledge of subtle energies and her considerable experience as a landscaper to develop a Garden of Healing program, where she takes clients into gardens and forests and other natural environments as part of their healing journey.

Shantam Heidtke​

"I see something going on with a person and I think 'I can help you with that'—whatever is wrong, it's like a partnership between the illness and the person. I can help to figure out why that is happening."

Stephen's unique way of perceiving has come naturally to him since he was very young. As a boy he didn't understand that not everyone travelled out of the body or could see what underlay the pain of others the way he could. Eventually, he realized that he had this ability in order to help other people; he learned to be conscious and respectful of his gifts and how he used them.

For Stephen, healing takes place through conversation: between himself and the client, between the client and the illness, and/or between himself and the illness or trauma, whatever seems to be causing imbalance. Although he can help even from a distance or at the request of a concerned friend or relative, the healing journey works best when the person involved wants to participate, wants to be seen from a different perspective, and on his/her efforts to make suggested changes. So, it is not that Stephen "fixes" you, but that you agree to the dynamic interplay between his intuition and your energy, where you allow him to journey inward to see what is there and, with guidance, you put that knowledge into action.

Stephen Chizik​

"Shantam is so awesome. I love her Cranio Sacral work and am so amazed with her channeling abilities.

​She is clear and brave to say the things that are right on and need to be said."

Menlha, Founder of: Kootenay School Of Rebalancing; Hacienda Del Sol

Working Together

Shantam's and Stephen's skills and personalities complement each other, as partners in life and in healing. "We don't have to make an effort when we work together. He is supported and I am supported. The most important thing I bring, along with all my skills," says Shantam, "is listening on a very different, very deep level, listening to who my client truly is." Stephen, as one of his clients affirmed, "is probably the most truthful person I have ever met."

Who we are. What we do.