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​​​"The work with 'The Elder' was penetrating and insightful. I received exactly the support I needed at that very moment. It was obvious from the advice given that "The Elder" had a deep comprehension

of my inner condition without any prior discussion occurring. "

Laurie Price​

"Shantam together with 'The Elder' has guided me to open with honesty to myself.

Long stored self-denial awakens in the presence of the love and compassion that Shantam is."

Laurie Pryce, Craniosacral Therapist

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This Month:

​Cellular Memory Release

The impression is the energy of that which one experiences inside of the experience. The energy being more or less dense is then stored in the body with every aspect of the experience i.e. emotions, physical sensations and thoughts. Unrecognized, these impressions become a magnet for energy of the same kind and so attract in other words the same experiences of impressions.

The limited way of experiencing oneself and the world through chronic pain, numbness, insomnia, depression, migraine, back- and neck problems, anxiety (to name a few) of the physical, mental and emotional body are the results of deep, protective mechanism around old or new cellular memory. Awareness of the space inside cleared cellular memory is experiencing ourselves at the deepest core of our being, where we are whole - healed and radiant. Released experiences are then seen as traces of the past that won't injure us any longer since the space of injury/protective mechanism consists now of pure awareness.

During a treatment of Cellular Memory Release the physical, emotional and mental body of the client are engaged in a dialog with the practitioner; hands on touch at specific areas as well as processing possible imagery. Everyone has a longing to be seen in a certain place inside, to ultimately see themselves there. At times a combination of bodywork techniques like for example Cranio-Sacral Balancing® will be applied as well as psychic energy healing.

Stephen's Search:

​The Source of Dis-ease


When we are out of ease we seek solace, but often in the wrong place, with things and food and distractions of all kind. The key to true solace is found at the node of suffering. Once we go there, we have a choice: to resist what it reveals or find a way to love ourselves and let go of the suffering.

I believe that illnesses often take the place of something else we need; they can be manifestations of unconscious unresolved issues. Through gentle inquiry I can help you find the source of discomfort; help you to stay with whatever emotions arise; and bring a loving perspective to that suffering aspect of yourself ,so that healing can begin.

Shantam and I will then show you how to keep that area in focus beyond the session, so that you can explore different, healthier ways to respond in the everyday to the personalities and situations that trigger the old pain. This in turn helps the cells in the physical body. It's an experience that, with practiced awareness, can ripple out from the deep shift felt during the session to manifest as real and continuing change in your life.

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A rendering by Shantam's father, whose wisdom inspired her love of the healing arts.

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